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As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jill Hessler is able to perform septal perforation repair to correct this issue. 

What is septal perforation?

The septum is the bone and cartilage that separates your nostrils. It runs all the way up inside the nose. When it develops a hole or tear, the condition is called a septal perforation. This can happen due to many factors, including infection, trauma/injury, excessive nose picking, piercings, cancer, a previous nasal surgery, working with some types of chemicals, certain diseases and disorders, or snorting drugs. 

What are the symptoms of a perforated septum?

  • Nose whistling
  • Crusting/scabbing
  • Nasal pain
  • Nasal blockage
  • Headaches
  • Malodorous smell
  • Runny nose
  • Bleeding
  • Drainage

Septal perforation repair details

You may not need surgery to repair your septal perforation. Some patients can treat the condition with a nasal spray, antibiotic ointment, or other methods. However, in severe cases, surgery may be required. There are several septal perforation surgical techniques.

A “septal button” may be placed. This means that an implant will be used to patch up the hole. The implant is painless, invisible, and it can remain as long as it’s needed. When the septum has healed, the implant can be removed.

Other surgical techniques to correct septal perforation include reconstructive nasal surgery with skin grafts, in which tissue is taken from another part of the body and used to patch the hole. The surgery typically takes 1 to 3 hours.


Recovery from a septal perforation repair surgery generally takes 1 to 2 weeks. If any splints were placed, they will be removed in one week.

During your recovery, you’ll need to avoid lifting heavy objects, blowing (or picking!) your nose, and playing contact sports.

Try your best not to sneeze. You will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Hessler in one week to ensure you are healing properly. 

Hessler Plastic Surgery for septal perforation repair 

Jill Hessler, MD is the ideal surgeon for you if you’re seeking septal perforation repair. With a skillful hand and over a decade of experience, Dr. Hessler performs her procedures with both safety and aesthetics in mind. Not only is she a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon; she also trains and teaches other surgeons, and is highly recognized in her field as a local and national leader. Her practice, Hessler Plastic Surgery, is a comprehensive surgical center where patients receive the absolute best care within a professional and friendly environment. If you’re interested in septal perforation repair, please don’t hesitate to contact us


How is a perforated septum different than a deviated septum?

A deviated septum is crooked. A perforated septum has a hole through it.

Can a perforated septum heal by itself?

The answer to this depends on how big the hole is, where it is, and how badly the tissue is damaged. It is rare for a perforated septum to completely heal by itself, and if left untreated, it may become much worse.

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