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truSculpt flex Treatments at Hessler Plastic Surgery

What is truSculpt flex?

truSculpt® flex is a non-surgical, non-invasive way to build and define muscles. It’s a muscle stimulation procedure that provides highly customized treatments based on your fitness level, shape, and/or goals. The muscles are targeted with direct bioelectrical stimulation, which results in contractions that are similar to the ones you would experience during a workout. The result is defined and built muscles; a sculpted body; improved skin quality, and increased metabolism.

Where can truSculpt flex build muscle?

truSculpt flex is clinically proven to build and define muscles in the following areas:

  • Abs
  • Calves
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
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How truSculpt works

The direct bioelectrical muscle stimulation creates micro-injuries to the muscle fibers, which triggers the body’s repair process. This results in greater muscle mass.

truSculpt flex also utilizes different modes for multi-directional stimulation. This makes the muscles contract in multiple different ways, and in multiple directions. This “muscle confusion” is part of the science, and helps your body to progress and not stay at the same level. The modes include:

PREP MODE: Energy is delivered across muscle groups to warm up and stretch the muscles.

TONE MODE: A channel of energy is delivered along the length of the muscle to contract and relax the muscles to increase strength and endurance. 

SCULPT MODE: Energy is delivered sequentially for fast, deep contractions to build muscle mass.

truSculpt flex treatment details

For your truSculpt flex treatment, you will lie down on a medical chair. A gel pad will be placed on the area to be treated. Small, square applicators will be applied. One of the best things about truSculpt flex is that up to eight areas can be treated at the same time. The appropriate mode will be selected for you, and the treatment will begin. The contractions will feel different according to the mode. The sensations can range from feeling like a massage to cramps to an intense workout. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes. 


Results are apparent about one month after your treatment. The leaner you are, the quicker you’ll see results, but any body type may be a candidate for truSculpt flex. Most individuals need about four treatments.

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