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If you're looking for a top notch facial plastic surgeon, look no further. I've been a patient of Dr. Hessler's for over 5 years and have found the Doctor and her staff to be the most highly knowledgeable and specialized in the Bay Area and beyond. A very delightful office.

— Kari P.

I found Dr. Hessler through New Beauty magazine, my beauty bible...She listened to my concerns and answered my questions. I felt such confidence in myself and her after she patiently talked and reassured me of her procedures, addressing all of my concerns. It has been two months since my Lower Blepharoplasty fat transfer. This area is now lifted; no deep hollows or bags! I looked younger than my girlfriends, when buying my favorite wines, I am asked to show my I.D. (with a smile and excitement I gladly whip it out). They wouldn't even bother asking before.  I have cheekbones to die for!...Dr. Hessler's staff is professional, kind and operate with the utmost perfection and ethical standing. The eyes are the windows to the soul and I no longer hide behind my glasses. I have regained my confidence and am truly happy.

— AndreaMarie A.

An exceptionally talented facial plastic surgeon! Dr Hessler is very focused on achieving a natural look, which was important to me. She is highly approachable and makes you feel very comfortable in discussing your concerns and the options (both surgical and non-surgical) for addressing them. Her explanation of procedures, the benefits expected to be obtained, and the timelines for recovery were very accurate. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Hessler. 

— Patient

I have been thinking about getting a facelift for some time, and after interviewing and researching several doctors, including head of plastic surgery at UCSF, I went with Dr Hessler.  Aside from her curriculum vitae and bona fides which were everything I wanted, she has a very approachable, down to earth manner. (Not for nothing, but in her office I seldom have to wait.) Also, call me crazy, but I feel like a female doctor intuitively knows what women want, whereas a male doctor knows what men...want to see.

— Jennifer B.

Dr. Hessler is exceptionally skilled and professional. I'm always impressed with her as a doctor and her ability to take time with each patient to answer questions. I have referred friends to Dr. Hessler repeatedly.

— maraab

I'll explain why I continue to go to Dr. Hessler. First of all, she is highly skilled. If I'm going to pay someone to inject my face and sculpt my overall look, I'd want that doctor to be very experienced and GOOD. Dr. Hessler is a double board certified plastic surgeon, and also is an "Expert Injector" which both take rigorous amounts of training and skill to achieve. In fact, Dr. Hessler trains others how to efficiently administer injections. Second, she is the most lovely, down-to-earth, approachable doctor I have ever met. She does a great job at patiently explaining things, answering questions, and really listening to what I'm hoping to achieve.

— Jen P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hessler for nearly 10 years. From my first consultation, followed by years of anti-aging and expert skin care, to my recent lower facelift, Dr. Hessler has made certain she understands my goals completely. She makes thoughtful suggestions, using state-of-the-art procedures, which have allowed me to age gracefully. All of my procedures were explained thoroughly beforehand and she and her staff are always available for any questions. My close friends and Associates often comment about my skin and how healthy and well-rested I appear. For me, that is the best compliment. And I have never been asked what "work" have I had done. Dr. Hessler is the only Facial Plastic Surgeon I would ever trust with my face. She is simply the best!

— Patient

I recently had a procedure done with Dr. Hessler and can honestly say that the results were as impressive as her credentials. I felt very comfortable with her "down to earth" and honest approach to my questions and expectations. My procedure looks so natural no one has asked if I had anything done, and I constantly get complements on how nice my face looks.

— Alicia B.

Dr. Hessler was RIGHT ON. She is up to the second with the latest procedures and technology, and was able to offer and perform at the highest skill level procedures I didn't even hear of from other doctors I interviewed. Facial plastic surgery with Dr. Hessler changed how I present myself to the world, and it is has impacted my life in countless positive ways. Do not settle. Choose Dr. Hessler.

— Lauren R.

Dr. Hessler and her team of professionals are incredibly knowledgeable and clearly on the cutting edge of skin and face management and so much more. They always provide a comfortable and very welcoming environment. I see Emoke Sullivan once a month for a variety of facial treatments. She provides the best facials I have had. Including the most current products and information. It has been such a pleasure to get to know the entire staff.

— Brigit K.

I felt comfortable & well cared for! Dr. Hessler is very patient oriented, skilled and reassuring. I felt very comfortable. The staff along with Dr are caring, professional and friendly! I like the clean environment....very well cared for!

— vikster1

Dr. Hessler and staff are absolutely amazing! Dr. Hessler is incredibly kind, compassionate and she truly listens to your concerns...making sure your experience every time you see her is comfortable (which is extremely important when considering any beauty procedures). I have have had lower eyelid surgery specifically with Dr. Hessler and the results are better than I ever could've imagined. Bye bye bags! My recovery experience was easy and comfortable, I felt taken care of and in good hands the entire time. My husband is jealous and now it's his turn! I also continue to see Dr. hessler for Botox and won't go anywhere else.

— Maggie T.

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